🇺🇸 Beer, Baseball, Veggie Dogs 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Beer, Baseball, Veggie Dogs 🇺🇸

It is the 4th of July long weekend so it was time for baseball and beer.  And veggie dogs.  Sometimes I think that I get a Citi Field veggie dog just to have a vehicle for piles of stuff from the fixin’s bar. 

Lucas Duda’s home run apple. There are obnoxious ads all over Citi Field. The darn name of the stadium is an advertisement!

My second dog as this was a very slow game, spanning late lunch into dinner.  Some new food discoveries at Citi Field: the very buzzed about New York City-based cookie dough confectionary DO is now in the Promenade Club. The bad news is they do not offer the Signature Chocolate Chip flavor vegan option like they do in Manhattan. Also, there are now Churros somewhere. Add this to the vegan pizza from Two Boots and a vegan can eat well in the home of the New York Mets. I’m excited to be heading to Yankees Stadium later in the month as I have never reported on their options. 

Ok, I’ve gone to two Mets games this season and both were interrupted with rain delays. These clouds crept in the 8th inning so we hit the road then. 

Then this fantastic rainbow hung out for the entire ride home.

It is kind of nice to think that this lovely rainbow was up there for all to see. You know, because we only have this one sky that is above all of us here. It was comforting in a way. That sounds like something a stoner would say, I know. We were sitting in section 420 at Citi Field…