1) Section 6, 2) noble is the view, 3) charge your phone

1) Section 6, 2) noble is the view, 3) charge your phone

After weeks of planning a surprise birthday get-away, Wok Man only revealed the above hints.

“Section 6”, which I thought maybe be a seat location at a concert, was the segment of the Metacomet-Monadnock trail we were to hike. This 114 mile trail that spans Connecticut to New Hampshire and has been on my “before I die” list of things to accomplish for some time now. Though I hiked up a small segment of the trail to climb Mt. Tom on my birthday last year, section 6 of the trail would be my first official hike. Section 6 begins in Holyoke, Massachusetts. This is a short distance from hint number 2.

“Noble is the view” referred to Noble View Camp‘s 1831 farmhouse that was our home for the weekend. The farmhouse in Russell, MA had no electricity, no running water and was set within 360 acres of “rural solitude”. Paradise.

And of course, “Charge your phone.” hinted to our being without a electrical source for the weekend.
Many logs later, here is my photo recap of my wonderful birthday weekend.
Our farmhouse, exterior shot.

“Someday my logs will have something to say about all this.” The new Log Lady.

The farmhouse kitchen, powered by butane lamps.

The wood-burning stove. I loved this thing.

Fire, fire, fire! Watching the light show in the stove was far more entertaining than any network t.v. show.

On the M-M trail, for every mile I added a leaf to my hair.

Relaxing on one of the many cliffs and peaks overlooking the countryside. The grey overcast pounded us with rain and strong wind during our descent.

Strange mutated leaves.

View from 1,000 feet up.

Fall foliage, dull against the grey sky.

Orange umbrella.

After calling a car service for a pick-up, a limousine arrived at Avis to bring us back to Brooklyn. After 3 days of not showering and kicking it old school, it seemed an excessive mode of transportation.