Happy Hydrongenated New Year!

Happy Hydrongenated New Year!

Did you know that Pillsbury Crescent Rolls are “accidentally” vegan? This I learned after realizing I didn’t have enough time to make vegan puff pastry dough from scratch to make Pigs in a Blanket with the Field Roast breakfast links we picked up. So I took the shortcut for an easy New Years appetizer. 

They blew up all golden and flakey, as they are engineered to do. I had several but mostly let The Electrician eat most of them. I like when he enjoys vegan options!

Served with mustard and maple syrup. 

Meanwhile, I made Isa’s enchilada recipe from Isa Does It. It was one of the Sunday Night dinner recipes that are more labor-intensive and not so isa-y. And wowzer, looks like my tortillas are also have hydrogenated ingredients! Let’s call it a theme. I loved the recipe’s sauces but thought I could have varied the fillings a bit more. Maybe add some greens. But this is delish! And I have enough to last me into the first work week of 2017. 

None of my pictures came out nice on New Years Eve. It must have been that glass of wine in my dominant hand the whole night. 

Happy 2017!!