Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg

Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg

Though science-food isn’t my thing, I needed to try Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg for you, dear blog. I preordered them from Food Fight a few weeks ago. I have never had a craving for a plate of eggs since going vegan and have evolved to not even consider them food, but I was thoroughly intrigued by the product since reading about it. Admittedly, it was the packaging that piqued my interest. The package was much like the egg carton. What the heck was in there that made scrambled eggs?! Let’s find out…IMG_4048

Inside, a bag of a light, airy powder and a sleek insert with factoids on the VeganEgg. Did I really expect egg-shaped containers… I guess kind of. IMG_4051


Inside, a slightly sulphuric smelling yellow powder. 2 leveled TBs to a half cup of cold water starts this chemical reaction. IMG_4100

For best results, they say to blend. After a few seconds this thick but pourable liquid farted a few times. With my oiled skillet preheating, I was ready to get scrambling.IMG_4102

I poured the mixture into the skillet and started scrambling immediately. Now, I was never great at making scrambled eggs in my young, non-vegan days. It always felt weird to me. “How can I eat something that could have grown to be a baby chick?” Well, that feeling came back to be. That’s how much this was like scrambling real eggs. The little dry ends that I overcooked, the scramble and flip, the cut, cut–all the patterns of the spatula–the process. I got to say it was strange to within this faintly familiar process. IMG_4104

When I finished and loaded my plate with my two scramble VeganEggs, I felt that I was about to eat an exciting advancement in food science. I worried about my how my stomach would feel later. I worried about feeling sick eating what looked, smelled, and felt like real eggs. But it was… fine. I may even season them with more black salt next time… and more nutritional yeast! They’re really a blank canvas, taste-wise. The real breakthrough is the texture. IMG_4113

Here are my fluffy scrambled VeganEggs. What to do with the rest of my carton?? I’d have to experiment with this further. Vegan scrambled “eggs”… done.