Though packaged is generally a turn-off, I sometimes makes an exception for Field Roast. For one, its deli slices and sausages are seitan-based, less processed (and scary) than that soy protein isolate stuff. Field Roast is not secretly ConAgra, like that popular brand of meat analogs. They’re a nice company from Seattle. And they even let you tour their wheat-packing plant if you’re in town!IMG_3179

I have to admit that I was pretty excited when I heard they made a vegan cheese… even though I complain about Daiya constantly. I guess I am presuming that since it contains fermented soybean curd and since they partnered with a Greek cheesemaker to concoct it that it’s less a miracle of modern food science than Daiya is. Plus, the creamy original Chao slices are made from coconut, my favorite anti-dairy. Here goes my first taste…


I grill up some of the Field Roast deli slices in the skillet and threw on two slices to soften up. I ripped a piece off first. You can totally eat this stuff cold without gagging, unlike the big D. It melted well, to a creamy “cheesy” texture.


I devoured this sandwich. The gooey Chao was a big hit. And I didn’t feel sick afterwards. Your body knows best! I give Chao slices my stamp of approval.