Apple Takeover, Part 1

Apple Takeover, Part 1

DSC_0001Gorgeous apples of all shapes and sizes. Speckled uniquely, with underbellies, striated skin–a plane of antioxidants and fiber. Fruit–how glorious.

DSC_0003My first bunch would be a batch of scratchmade apple sauce. Simple and easy–but perfect.

IMG_5466Applesauce, to the left, and sweetened yam to the right. Autumn favorites.

IMG_5469In the theme of autumn brown, I made tamarind-glazed tofu in the broiler. My chuck of tamarind dearly needs a turnover. I will deal with this come VV’s Pantry Turnover month (January).

IMG_5470Broiling is my new favorite cooking method for tofu.

IMG_5471Apple use number 2! Quick apple parfaits with coconut whip. Unfortunately the “whip” was more like a milkshake. It was still absolutely delicious. Lunch for the week is squared away. Now, gratuitous apple recipes commence!