Eat with Your Eyes

Eat with Your Eyes

After I came across 2 unrelated and random references to The Morgan Library & Museum, I went. Because it was like someone was telling me to.  And when I have the time, I like to live life like a Wes Anderson character would, chasing whims and beautiful things, standing in front of them and snapping pictures with a vintage camera.

In one of the galleries, my favorite chiaroscuro.

Also on exhibit were Thoreau’s journals. But I’m going to write about that another time because I don’t have the brain power to do it justice right now.

But here is my pretty lunch from abcV, Jean-Georges’ fancy pants “plant based, non gmo, sustainable, artisanal and organic whenever possible, locally and globally from small & family farms.” How’s that for a greenwash label fest? But really, it’s just better. I am glad good taste and quality are spreading. 

The delicate with briney bites: wood roasted beets, dijon, avocado puree, chili aioli, pickles, lovage. [What the heck is lovage?]

Great grains: fried wild rice, spring vegetables, fermented carrot and turmeric, cilantro