306 {vegan supper club}

306 {vegan supper club}

Every once and awhile, I splurge one of them fancy pants supper club dinners. And almost alway with fellow veghead CP. We find some justification for the splurge. Maybe there is a birthday that past a few weeks ago. Maybe there is some emotional epiphany that needs a proportionate intake of calories… maybe there is a change in season… or maybe we’re just hungry and we treat ourselves right. Whatever it is, here is Suite threeohsix‘s Chef Daphne’s outstanding prix fixe in her Tribeca kitchen suite.


IMG_5636The menu.

DSC_0005 Course 1: burdock soup + yali pear + upland cress

DSC_0006 Course 2: french toast + dumpling squash custard + maple syrup + garlic scape + pumpkin seed creme

DSC_0008 Course 3: pumpkin ravioli + shaved potato + truffle cream + petite pois + hazelnut breadcrumbs

DSC_0011 Course 4: jade pearl rice + kohlrabi + oyster mushroom + ancho chile + cucumber grape salsa

DSC_0012Sugar cane palate cleanser

DSC_0014 Course 5: lotus seed ice cream + chocolate + quinoa + nasturtium