Asbury Park

Asbury Park

When the seductive sun returns and undresses you, leaving the Southern hemisphere on the sly and randomly, you make an occasion of it. It was Spring in February!

We had the plan to head to the Jersey Shore off-season for lunch before this forecast. Partly because going to the Jersey Shore during peak season is a total pain in the arse. But sure, a beautiful day in the bright blue sky can help overshadow that it was a bit more crowded than we’d prefer. Our destination: Talula’s and their Temple III vegan pizza option. Why? Housemade vegan sausage and housemade cashew cheese. That is quite the allure. It was delicious, in all those ways pizza can be.  Soft and wet and crispy at the same time. Regulating taste variance with each bite. The colors. The crust. The fraction lesson.

And an ice cream stop seemed appropriate. Cookman Creamery, though purple and pink and pretty, had more vegan toppings available at my last visit. Perhaps it’s a seasonal thing? 

I’ll stick with Vanilla.

See you soon, Spring.