A Fond Farewell to Summer: I can tell you my love for you will still be strong after the selfies of summer have gone.

A Fond Farewell to Summer: I can tell you my love for you will still be strong after the selfies of summer have gone.

This is kind of how summer is… and kind how the days after summer are, too. They are potent… and in the rear view seem further away when they’re gone. Seeing pictures from the summer once the school year starts is surreal.  Time passes with a tremendous stomp. This blog post is dedicated to the me of summer, that foolish and fanciful person. 

The days of spending most of the afternoon testing my solar filter set-up in the blazing sun on the back porch for The Great American Eclipse, that seems maybe 5 years ago.


Ask this fool if she would believe that The Giants would be 0-4 today. She would think you mad and continue getting day-drunk on cans of Bronx Brewery beer.  But then thank her for pouring over that book as it resulted in the most mind-blowing photoshoot of all time.


So this is a real selfie. This was from a cabin in the woods in Shenandoah National Park. No offense people, but I like to be by myself a lot.  Solo traveling is perfect for introverts. You get to think the whole day away in beautiful settings and not have any social demands put upon you. Except your own. And when you want a little human contact, others are always so intrigued by you that conversation is easy to find. At least this is the case for me. 


Ok, but then traveling with one other person that is on your wavelength–that is just as magical. Especially because there are a million ways to clash in compatibility when traveling. I’ve experienced this first hand when I left some gal in San Antonio, Texas on a cross-country trip.  Adventure often seeks two–anymore and things get messy.  Side benefit, you get to be in the picture, like this one of me breathing the damp earthy scent of a Sequoia in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park.  


Though this picture is from July, now The Yankees are in the play-offs. And that cup of lentil soup on chilly play-off game can be a reality…  if we fork over a lot of money.  But I suppose I’ll save a seat for a real Yankees fan, which I am not.  But I am an Aaron Judge fan.  I’m kind of mesmerized by his stature. Though I’m sure he has a staffer assigned to steering him clear of the bright lights of the big city (women, drugs, and excess), he seems uninterested and unaware of how much raw sexiness he has behind his dorkiness. That’s sexy to me.


To file under foolish and fanciful, I had some ridiculous summer goal of doing a photo inventory of all my dresses and costume attire–which is a-plenty. And so I did, now I can scroll through my photo inventory when picking a dress for an occasion. Snow White, Osh Kosh B’Gosh, cheerleading outfit: ✓  ✓  ✓. And that is just a very small sampling of the wacky stuff I forgot I had.  For a published book of all my dresses, send 19.99 plus shipping and handling to me.  Not really.


Then back to school. It’s always a hoot to receive the first of student portrait of you. Drawing pictures is an early expression of love. The first of “what do I do with this feeling I have”…  And what to do with your feelings is probably the most important thing in life. This is me: bangs, lipstick, anchor tattoo, and big fat fingers.