A Korean Donut / Caribbean Crown Heights

A Korean Donut / Caribbean Crown Heights

You come upon things… in the best way: naturally, without looking. You’re going about your day… and there it is. Something new for you. It’s special because it found you. No google searching. Just life’s natural search results delivered to your path. [pause for a moment of awed appreciation] Sometimes, it’s something to eat. PicMonkey Collage2

In this case, Grace Street, a modern Korean coffee shop tucked into Koreatown in Manhattan. They have Ho-dduk, a Korean donut pocket of doughy fried deliciousness packed with a warm brown sugar ooze, that is “accidentally” vegan. IMG_6527

The caution printed on its paper casing is verifiable true–contents are very hot. The liquid brown sugar pours out from its pillowing soft home and can scald you unsuspecting thumb. Then you have to suck your thumb. IMG_6531

Then there are hunches. You get a feeling about something. And more alluring then knowing for sure is the hunt for affirmation. As in the case of Glady’s in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights, a gentrified take on Caribbean eats. It offers clearly labeled vegan options and a housemade jerk seitan. But first, a Dark ‘n Slushy, their take on a Dark & Stormy… Gosling’s black rum, ginger and lime–slushy-style with a supersized straw. The perfect drink, I decided.
PicMonkey Collage

We ordered most of the vegan options on the menu: their jerk seitan, plantains, festivals (fried Jamaican dough), pickled pineapple, bok choy, and their spicy slaw.IMG_6548

It was quite the spread. Each component was tasty but was missing something without a sauce and/or a garnish. IMG_6542

Delightfully, we were presented with samplings of their coconut ice cream along with the bill. IMG_6547

And a quick subway ride to the train home to catch the light show. IMG_6551