A Visit to Three Brothers

A Visit to Three Brothers

IMG_3170Hadn’t been to Rockville Centre’s Three Brothers in awhile. It was time for a visit.

IMG_3172Their mozzarella sticks are the star of the show. I am happy they are a bit narrower in girth than the earlier recipe. I think most know how I feel about too much Daiya. A well-seasoned firm breading juxtaposed with oozy cheese: yum.

IMG_3173Cross-section. These would go on my Vegan Top 100.

IMG_3174Seitan cutlet hero. The seitan–housemade. The cheese–Teese.

IMG_3177My friend’s choice was a seitan bacon cheeseburger.

IMG_3179We got free cinnamon sugar knobs.

IMG_3184In other news, the winter clothes went away and the bathing suits came out! I don’t care if we’re barely over 50 degrees. I can’t take it anymore!

IMG_3191Orange chocolate Twinkies. Why orange? I ran out of vanilla.