(all new) Radical. Rainbow. Cookies.

(all new) Radical. Rainbow. Cookies.

I am happy to report on Long Island’s Pride Enjoy‘s Radical Rainbow Cookies. I first gave them a try earlier this year (post here) after they completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. Since then, the recipe has been overhauled and improved. This was evident immediately, as I stared at the neat, striped cookies through their container. I think I salivated.

I have a thing for stripes. And the Rainbow Cookie’s allure aligns with this “thing”–straight edges, color contrast, cross sections, multiple textures. These are things of beauty. The new Radical Rainbow Cookies are dropdead delicious before I even take a bite.DSC_0004

So I commenced a photoshoot, before they were devoured, capturing the physical form of effort and exacting standards.DSC_0010

Then, of course, I ate, delighting in that familiar form, the way the teeth break the seal of chocolate, meet the cakeish almond-y cookie, through the thin tang of jelly to repeat until breaking through the bottom layer of firm chocolate. These cookies are a tremendous improvement on their former selves. Nailed it!DSC_0014

But this I knew from first glance. I mean, look.DSC_0019

I am thrilled I got to try this new and improved version and look forward to trying other Pride Enjoy goodies. IMG_0827