All-Vegan Done Right.

All-Vegan Done Right.

Philadelphia is very vegan-friendly. They have eateries that far surpass played out, crowded, lesser-quality Manhattan options. Vegan Commissary is one such eatery. Brunch at Vegan Commissary was perfect.

PicMonkey Collage

As the name suggests, it’s all-vegan. But there is no need for restriction; Vegan Commissary hits every mark, appeasing my high standards with enthusiasm. What has got me so smitten? This: The Vegg’s Damian--two “dippy” eggs complete with Vegg yolk for toast-dipping, a delicious and delicate patty…mushroom scrapple, layers of scalloped potatoes and shredded Brussels, bearnaise sauce and toast. I cleaned my plate. Best. Brunch. Ever.

Another look with the Instagram filter.


What was that deep-fried delight in between our plates? Oh, I’m glad you asked. Those are fried Mac n’ Peas Bites… macaroni and pea puree bites, battered and fried and served with a red pepper sauce. More comforting deliciousness.DSC_0008

After a brunch like that, we hit a lighter, more healthful sweet spot: P.S. &Co. That’s P.S. for Pure Sweets, an all-vegan, all-gluten-free treat shop. I’d like to airlift this beautiful shop filled with such thoughtful bites, lovingly made from scratch. They take a sweet craving and make it an opportunity for wholesomeness and care. PicMonkey Collage2

If I didn’t just eat, I’d be all about this vegetable quiche!IMG_3198

Though banana bread doesn’t necessarily photograph too well, in general, I need to make sure you understand just how amazing this innocuous slice of banana bread is. P.S.&Co.’s lovely proprietor explained that the grains in this treat were sprouted from seed. Besides that scratch-made appeal, it was filled with banana goodness without an ounce of denseness and it contained a scrumptious and satisfying distribution of chocolate chunks. It really was spectacular. IMG_3207

I also picked up a chocolate chili macaroon. IMG_3204

At the end of the afternoon in Philly, a stop at the all-vegan Grindcore House, a coffee shop with sweet treats and savory eats in South Philly.DSC_0021

DSC_0017They serve Dottie’s Donuts, an all-vegan donut wholesaler. I had the strawberry coconut. Fantastic. Philly, you really rock the vegan world.