Allergic to Non-vegan Food

Allergic to Non-vegan Food

Have you ever told an eatery that you had an allergy that you didn’t have? I think in my two decades of being vegan I have, though probably not in the last 10 years. Although silly, it was easier than fighting or starting an irritating ethics debate while hungry… or it instilled in a server or eatery an urgency of accommodation… one that my choice in being vegan seemed to not. But we’ve come a long way, baby.

Still, the allergy-stricken are more easily understood, those poor things. And still, unfortunately, vegans are much more the target of ignorant judgment and victim to proclamations of tired logic. But as a vegan, I reap the benefits of the market booms related to food allergies. Just as I reap related benefits from those with dietary requirements from “higher authorities” (Parve, Ital, 7th Day Adventist). I’ll take vegan for any and every reason, especially close to home.

I’m happy to report that Allie’s GF Goodies in Hicksville, Long Island has got stuff that’s vegan!

They have got clearly labeled sweet treats, like these yummy chocolate chunk cookies and banana cake bites. They are yummy too, though gluten-free. So despite that whole vegan and gluten-free combination adversely affecting the all-important texture of the goody, Allie’s GF Goodies are yummy and wholesome feeling.IMG_6455

The gluten free cupcake did the trick, though dense and a bit dry. A piped sugary frosting can compensate for such things, as Erin McKenna sure knows. IMG_6462

Hooray for vegan sweet treats on Long Island!