Arepera Guacuco

Arepera Guacuco

I had one of the most tasty meals I’ve had in a long time at Bushwick’s Arepera Guacuco. The restaurant serves fresh and flavorful Venezuelan food that, at first glance, doesn’t seems to have many vegetarian options. But our friendly and knowledgable waiter told us that they can make anything we wanted. He also described some veggie options not on the menu. That being said, we stuck to the print and had an extremely satisfying meal.

The Tajadas. Plantains are probably my favorite component in Latin American cuisine, especially sweet ones. These fried beauties were delicious. A wonderful flavor complement is their green sauce. Important to note is the draw of the 3 sauces unique to this arepera. One of them has a dairy derivative so don’t forget to ask.

My tajadas dressed and ready.

Rice and beans is another must.

The star of the show: the Arepa. An arepa is Venezuelan bread made from cornmeal and stuffed with tasty goodies. The Vegetariana is the restaurant’s scrumptious vegetarian arepa that is surprisingly filling thanks to its soft, thick bread. It’s stuffed with fresh avocado, sweet plantain and tomato. Top with that goshdarn delicious sauce and you got one amazing sandwich.

In Arepera Guacuco, I found a wonderful new place to eat in Brooklyn, and I can’t wait to go back.