Asbury Park, Vegan Style

Asbury Park, Vegan Style

The reach of vegan keeps extending… and I am thankful for these opportunities of discovery and… sustenance. My latest discovery, Goldie’s in Asbury Park, is an all-vegan and all-respectful-of-food eatery on the renovated Cookman Avenue in downtown in the Jersey Shore destination of Asbury Park. Let’s look at the highlights from their menu.PicMonkey Collage

Along with a potent mojito, our appetites were wet with an order of their Yucca Fries. They were perfect. I’ve never experienced the characteristically fibrous and starchy yucca have this smooth and creamy texture. Served with a delicious cashew cream that coated these deep-fried but not at all greasy delights wonderfully. At appetizer, the place had already earned its keep. IMG_0962

My friend ordered the Chilaquiles, layers of corn tortillas layered with chiles, onion, tomato and the D-word with a grilled wild scallion salsa. I forgive the Daiya inclusion in this meal as it’s almost garnish-like, not the base of the entire dish. IMG_0963

Another friend’s dish, the Chimichanga–an encased tofu scramble, salsa roja, iceberg lettuce, cashew fraîche with lime. Devoured before I can sneak a bit. He was a satisfied customer.IMG_0965

CP and I got smart when it came to ordering, splitting two dishes–one sweet and one savory. Here is the savory, the Cristofo, torta de tofu milanesa: a perfect patty of breaded and fried tofu, black bean purée, avocado, tomato, greens, green chile salsa on ciabatta. Half the sandwich fully satisfied my texture variety requirement and those savory taste buds. I was ready for part II, the sweet brunch option.IMG_0968

The Juan-y Cakes were mini cornmeal cakes topped with rich dark chocolate chunks, chile powder and a heavy dose of maple syrup. I expected a grittier cornmeal but this was a smooth blend of flours which appealed to that texture variety requirement I mentioned before. And half the stack and half the sandwich had me fully sustained. Hats off to Goldie’s, an amazing all-vegan eatery with all the right elements.IMG_0969

Right next door, friends noticed the V-bomb on this sign on the chalkboard for Confections of a Rockstar, a cupcakery with star roots and a vegan option. On the day of our visit it was the Oreo Speedwagon that was for us vegans.PicMonkey Collage2

The cupcake was delicious, with a moist chocolate cake with great flavor and a slightly tangy frosting with spectacular texture, but it was… $5. What?!!!!IMG_0977

Time for the boardwalk and beach. I love the Jersey Shore vibe on the boardwalk. Asbury Park’s boardwalk had more sophisticated food options than Seaside Heights or Ocean City (see posts here and here.) Though things change so quickly in the world of vegan options!IMG_1034IMG_1005

It seemed that every ice cream spot had something for vegans. Day’s Ice Cream had soy options. Cookman’s Creamery (not visited unfortunately) has vegan soft serve options and vegan whipped cream, aiyyyyyee. Next time… IMG_0980

And Eddie Confetti‘s boardwalk ice cream spot had a selection of four vegan, coconut-based hard ice creams. We stopped in for a frozen treat on the way back to the car…IMG_1024

I got the vegan cookie dough on a wafer cone. Very satisfying on a scorcher of a day, on an awesome trip to the Jersey Shore. Thanks, New Jersey. I’ll be back soon!IMG_1029