Asian Delights: Year of the Monkey (Bread) / Vegan Ramen

Asian Delights: Year of the Monkey (Bread) / Vegan Ramen

What a wonderful discovery that Spot Dessert Bar has an all-vegan dessert option. And it’s Monkey Bread!

This dreamy option is well-worth facing the awkward state of St. Marks Place, right across from where Mondo Kim’s used to be, right next to where Coney Island High used to be. ::sigh:: But the Monkey Bread, my goodness…

Cinnamon flaxseed bread, brown sugar syrup, coconut crumble, coconut ice cream with basil seeds. It’s as amazing as it sounds.

But watch that brown sugar syrup. I burnt my mouth after an impatient bite.IMG_6357

On an unrelated note, it’s a pleasure to discover a vegan ramen close to home. Merrick Suki Hibachi has a dish called Vegan Ramen with gluten free spiraled zucchini noodle, seasweed knot, baby bok choy, kikurage and scallion in savory miso broth garnish w. lotus ring, crispy parsnip & fresh garlic crisps. A flavor-bursting dish I slurped in a fury. IMG_6421

This kind of thing does not photograph well, but it was soooo good.