Awesome Blossom

Awesome Blossom

So Cocoa V, the swanky short-lived all-vegan chocolate shop, is no longer. Since my first report in 2009 and this more recent post, the space had been cut in half to house the Blossom du Jour, Blossom‘s more casual eatery across 9th avenue.  Now Cocoa V’s side of the space has morphed into Blossom Bakery, an all-vegan (my favorite words) bakery in Chelsea.  Cp and I had to check it out.

I got the blonde on blonde, as this combination reveals a bakery’s raw talent. Chocolate can make for a easy, no-fail decadent dessert. Vanilla, on the other hand, is more difficult to get right. Blossom Bakery got it right, albeit ever so dry. I loved the frosting which had the perfect blend of oil, creaminess, and a wonderful and slight fine-grain sugar grit. That is the best. I kind of wanted a berry on top.

In fact, this cake would make a fabulous layer for a strawberry shortcake.

Blossom Bakery had a ton of goodies: cookies, full cakes, macaroons, and brownies, as well as a scrumptious-looking S’mores pudding, savory quiches and gorgeous heart-shaped linzer tarts.

I also had a slice of their triple layer German Chocolate cake. So, so good. The slice was 3 or so portions but served unphotogentically in plastic. Blossom Bakery, please buy some pretty plates for the food bloggers!

Of course, a savory bite had to be had at Blosson du Jour. I had a perfecto sandwich: the Filet No Fish… Filet No Fish: a tofu cod cake, v-bomb cheddar, lettuce, and v-bomb tartar sauce. The soft, buttery cibatta with its semolina flour debris, on its own, would have hit the spot… let alone the tarty tartar and the yummy cake of tofu. 9th avenue, you are pretty cool.