Back in Paris

Back in Paris

After the world’s most perfect train ride, I was back in Paris again, finally learning how to take the Metro. I was also back in the room I stayed in days before. With Eiffel Tower views. Can you see it over there across the way from my balcony?

And what do you know, it was dinner time already. Luckily, there was no hustle and bustle involved in finding my next meal. I didn’t have to strap on my backpack. I didn’t have to screenshot each step of walking directions on my phone so as to not drain my battery. I had booked a reservation at the all-vegan Gentle Gourmet, a fancy pants eatery a block from my room. Coincidence? Er, no. I did that on purpose.  

Have you ever been disappointed with a meal that started with an Amuse-bouche? Me neither. This was some sort of gazpacho. White asparagus? Perhaps other light green to white vegetables puréed. 

My dish. Oh heaven help me. Allow me to do a reading from the Lush Green menu description: Seitan lacquered with a cherry juice reduction, fava bean mousseline, glazed mini vegetables, accompanied by a sauce made with wild garlic. Now, read that again but use the voice of the teacher in A Christmas Story when she reads Ralphie’s essay. Now, re-read this part: Seitan lacquered with a cherry juice reduction. Nothing? Ok, maybe it is just me. 

Let’s look at it this way. Rest assured, I was a member of the clean plate club in a matter of minutes. I tried to eat slowly, daintily, like a pouty French girl who didn’t want to eat very much. That lasted 4 seconds. Though I could have used a bit more seasoning on the playfully plated vegetables, this dish was so darn good.  

Of course I had to get dessert. I was in Paris and they have macarons! Vegan macarons in Paris. 

This one was peachy. Not the adjective, but the fruit. The vanilla one, OMG. I will have to stop by tomorrow to buy some for the road. 

After dinner, I wanted to see more of Paris. I walked to Vegan Folie’s, an all-vegan bakery that was… closed. Thanks for the misreporting, Yelp. What was I going to do anyway? Eat cupcakes after my dessert? Yes. Perhaps I will make it back tomorrow? Who knows. 

I saw some interesting Paris-y stuff along the way. Like this building displaying its EKG. 

And these beautiful flowers attacking this other building. But mostly, I was daunted by this tremendous city with its winding rues and constant motion. I feel like if I lived in this city all my life, I’d still not know my way around. 

This view helps showcase the maze. It’s from the top of Montparnasse Tower Panoramic Observation Deck. Because I am a total tourist. And because the sun was going down.

Though the view from the observation deck is 360 degrees, I was crushin’ on Iron Lady again. 

The pink breaks from the clouds was a subdued sunset, but was still quite beautiful. Goodnight, Paris. I will see you in the morning.