Back to Lunch

Back to Lunch

Sundays in Fall means back to lunch. As the school year continues to kick my butt, I adjust slowly–feeling my best at some point on Sunday morning. In the middle of my making lunch for the week.

Sweet potato mash, roasted red beets, and roasted tomatoes from my garden, to be smeared on bread. IMG_2196

Creamy polenta, roasted root (sans the hacky sack), and a bed of kale. Tofu was marinating. IMG_1850

Still using up my tomatoes roasted tomatoes and tofu spinach ricotta in a tofu omelet, roasted potatoes, and maple pan-fried Field Roast sausage. IMG_2321

And blondies. Some bourbon for the blondies, and some for the brunette. IMG_2303

Oh, vanilla.