Back to School Blues (Silver Linings)

Back to School Blues (Silver Linings)

September means up at the crack of dawn to return to my Brooklyn classroom. Silver lining: Seeing the sun rise.IMG_1726

G train suspended due to derailment. Silver lining: Brooklyn views.IMG_2061

Driving to Brooklyn. Silver lining: good tempeh at Brooklyn Ball Factory.PicMonkey Collage


Vegan Shop-up being swarmed with human beings. Silver lining: Sweet Maresa‘s amazing macarons (halva and cannoli flavors)PicMonkey Collage2

4oo degree vegetable roast oven in Summer heat. Silver lining: A yummy lunch for the week (roasted yellow squash and tomatoes with a smear of basil pepitas pesto on Portuguese bun)

The end of the baseball season nearing. Silver lining: October baseball for the NY Mets? And a veggie dog with all the fixings.PicMonkey Collage3