Back to the Beets

Back to the Beets

As I brace myself for the start of another school year, I needed to make sure I had an adequate lunch and lunch dessert to feed my head during the week. It was going to take beets to get me through the first week of school–which is a full week. From 0 to 5 days. Boom! Summer’s over.

I made a beet cake for the week. Yes, a cake made of, predominantly, beets. The recipe is from Vegan Table. I’ve had it dog-eared for ages, hoping to treat someone on a special day. But really, I don’t know anyone who would love a beet cake more than yours truly. So after our farmers market trip, I threw them beautiful gems in a boiling pot and got them soft enough to puree–not too smooth and even. I like a little bite in there. I also cut the chocolate in half, fearing not the beet’s wonderful Earthy flavor. Here is the colorful beet cake step-by-step. IMG_5150Boil till fork tender and peel with your bear hands. Bare hands, I mean.

DSC_0002Puree the beauties and stain as many plates with their purple wonderfulness as possible.

DSC_0004The batter was really simple. Dark brown sugar, canola oil, vanilla and the lovely beet puree. Then some melted semi-sweet chocolate… flour and baking soda. Done.

DSC_0011Eager to see the red ring of wonder, my bundt broke.

IMG_5165Powdered sugar is forgiving.

DSC_0020Add some blackberries for additional sweetness.

DSC_0023It’s going to be a great week.