Backyard Colors

Backyard Colors

With spring definitively here, the bulbs I planted last September are starting to poke out their heads in the backyard… like these late daffodils with the complicated faces. 

Trees are finally blooming. And so I stored my winter coats and sweaters away. 

I’ve gushed about tulips plenty, but how about the beauty of the tulips’ leaves–like pale green cozy cotton sheets that can tuck you in.

These are the Anemone Blanda Blue Shades blooming a bit earlier than expected.

More tulip porn.

As I basked in the backyard sun, so did this opossum, hanging about a neighbor’s “meth lab chic” shed. 

Just what he heck was this nocturnal animal doing up and at ’em? Not sure.

I finally went to Govinda’s for their lunch buffet after a Brooklyn errand. A great value and must-do for any vegetarian in the NYC area. But I probably should have must-done it two decades ago.