Banana Fudge Brownies

Banana Fudge Brownies

I ate one of these darling baby bananas, Nino bananas, earlier in the week. Despite it being a bright yellow, this baby was not ripe at all. I snack on standard nanas at bright yellow, preferring it clear-skinned rather than speckled ripe. But baby bananas are sweeter than standard… which also means they’re starchier longer. Makes sense.

I knew that sweet banana flavor would be great for baking. On a beautiful Sunday, I cracked open Isa’s Vegan With a Vengeance to make best use of them. It was nice to flip through VwaV again. It feels old school. Anyway, Isa knows best. Time to mash some nana.

I cut in half the Banana Split brownies, knowing I’d be the only one eating them. The results–fudgy gooey banana-y deliciousness. The batter spread pretty thin creating a perfectKaren-size bite.

Of course, you need to opt for good quality cocoa.

Check out the bubbly banana goodness. If I made this recipe again, I’d give it a bit of a swirl.


I cut them uneven because sometimes I just want a little brownie. Or you foolishly act as if one little one will suffice and then you eat a second little one.