Bare Naked Bakery & Cafe Drops the V-bomb

Bare Naked Bakery & Cafe Drops the V-bomb

To say “vegan” or not to say “vegan,” that is sometimes the question. Slowly but surely I believe hesitant proprietors are seeing the light. When you say it, they will come. By say, I mean signage outside and on the website. And by they, I mean me. Especially if you’re 9 minutes away and have a parking lot. IMG_5361

Though Bare Naked Bakery & Cafe is a dedicated gluten-free bakery, they have an ample selection of egg & dairy free options. I came by on a bright Sunday morning looking to sample them all. IMG_5359

At home, I ripped into the bakery box. IMG_5363

I picked up some Easter sugar cookies, adorned in their pastel piping. They had a soft texture that was slightly grainy in that gluten-free fashion, nice flavor overall. IMG_5376

The Linzer tart, freshly dusted with powdered sugar. IMG_5373

Bakery standard Black & White cookie. Yummy icing, cookie was a bit too moist. I know, I know–gluten free is tough. Did I mention I am eating fresh vegan options from a real-life bakery on the South shore of Long Island, where I grew up? That kind of trumps all.

And another bakery standard: the chocolate chip cookie. IMG_5377

I am excited that there are vegan options so close by. I’ll be back Bare Naked!