Baseball Hot At Yankees Stadium

Baseball Hot At Yankees Stadium

Sure, I am a New York Mets fan. But even a Mets fan can enjoy free field level seats behind home plate at Yankees Stadium. Yes, home of the New York Yankees.

And that superstar heart throb Jeter, all pompous and blowing bubbles with his bubblegum while he slides into home base, I can understand the allure. At least in a baseball uniform. A baseball uniform is very flattering on a man. 

Ok, so I became fixated on taking pictures of him. There are a ton more where this came from. 

This super fan lady rushed the field and got escorted away by the po-po.

Back to Jeter, who totally looked at me. But I don’t care. (School girl giggle)

Manager Joe Torre. Ok, maybe it isn’t the uniform that’s attractive. 

Oh my, it’s Jerry Springer! 

Man talk. I think that’s Giambi?

Alex Rodriguez. He kept blowing out his cheeks like he was a storm cloud. 

Thanks for the eye candy, Yankees, but I like my lovable losers.