Beach Day

Beach Day

I have lived 15 minutes from Jones Beach State Park for most of my life. Now I live 10 minutes from it. I visited today, christening my Empire Passport finally, to check out the newly added food option, Smorgasbar from the Brooklyn Flea folks. IMG_0446


The Smorgasbar has a handful of food vendors from the Smorgaburg family… but, unfortunately, not much for a vegan. But! With vegan options, quality is far more important than quantity. I headed to El Gato Nacho for their signature nachos, hold the cheese and crema, add the local corn salsa.  IMG_0455

The big, white tent on a lazy Thursday.IMG_0466

Delicious! This is a million times better than what was here before for vegans… dirty oiled French fries.IMG_0459

Goodbye, Jones Beach! Thanks for the salty sea, sand, and Smorgabar. Please get some more vegan options down here.IMG_0471