Big, Fat Mushrooms Need Commercials

Big, Fat Mushrooms Need Commercials

Delicate portobello caps. Huge 7″ diameter bad boys. I chose these at the market, impressed with their size and beautiful, unharmed gills. I hated putting them in an ugly, plastic produce bag. I watched fearfully as the cashier rung them up with less-than-delicate hands. I liked having these feelings about the things I choose to eat. Because food, the choices I let run through my blood affecting every organ, should be special. This relationship should be thoughtful.

Now, in a balsamic reduction, and a bit butchered by a spatula, cooked portobello has a fantastic texture. I used vegan goddess Isa’s simple Vegan With A Vengeance recipe for perfect caps.

Eating fungus. The health benefits of mushrooms are quite amazing. Check out these journal articles. These studies need slick advertising executives to scream their findings; no spin required.

Oh wait, I forgot. Only big food corporations have the resources to make widespread health claims about “food.”

Please. Don’t let the animals utilized as test subjects in the studies here have suffered in vain.