Bit by Bite

Bit by Bite

One can measure the the veg-friendliness of a city on many things. I suppose I have my own algorithm. Part of my measure: if vegan options penetrate mainstream “normy” places, like sports stadiums and airports. So in both of these arenas, San Francisco is decidedly veg-friendly. AT&T Park (where the SF Giants play) and Levi’s Stadium (where the 49ers play) boast vegan options that far surpass the veggie dog at Citi Field, and the nothing but French fries and pretzels of MetLife Stadium, Yankee Stadium, and Madison Square Garden. [The Barclays Center is a bit better, I suppose.] And San Francisco’s airport has The Plant, with a full case of baked vegan goodies, fresh-pressed juice, and packaged vegan options many steps up from NYC’s area airports. It’s not the Real Food Daily in LAX, but it’ll tide me over! IMG_5908

The Plant is not wholly vegetarian, as the name might suggest. But all their baked goodies seem to be pure vegan. I got a couple of items in my excitement–banana bread and this chocolate chip cookie. There was something so nostalgic about how the cookie tasted, like the floury cookies I used to make when I was a teenage vegan experimenting. I used to make tons of chocolate chip cookies and only chocolate chip cookies. These tasted just like them. IMG_5909

Oh, nothing. Just flying through the air to the other side of the country, that’s all.

In my carry-on, cheese from Miyoko’s Creamery that made it home just fine.PicMonkey Collage

Perfect smear for some bread to eat along side a potato and leek soup I made from Isa Does It. Because now I am sick. IMG_5931

But I had to make proper banana bread since it was on my mind. Now commencing nose-blowing couch time.