Bites of Time

Bites of Time

This picture was taken in June as a teacher pal and me rebelliously snuck out of a PTA-sponsored lunch for sundaes at Van Leeuwen. In some ways June seems like years ago. In other ways it remains piercingly vivid. I think I was in denial that the school year was ending… until it was over. Every year, it sneaks up on me. So you’re doing your job, working hard–even harder than usual because there are all these culminating events a 5th grade teacher has to manage–and then… Boom! A huge grounding force in your life, all of the routines that structure your Monday through Friday, completely disappear. Every single thing about how you spend your time is different. But yet it’s the same old you. But a you with more time. Though I still wake up at the crack of dawn like I am catching the 5:45am like I have for years. Anyway, these are our sundaes. They’re chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with coconut whip and hot fudge.

Another picture from the end of the school year… that time we ordered… “sushi burritos” from Kumo Sushi II + PokéBowl. This was just one half of it. It really was just eating two tremendous pieces of sushi. I’m into it and I’m glad it’s a thing.IMG_0251

Jessy’s Pastries in Oceanside, Long Island is a great stop for a quick, easy, and delicious lunch to grab and go. Jessy makes empanadas from scratch and always offers several vegan options. For $10 you can make a meal of it with two empanadas, rice, beans, and a couple of deliciously sweet plantains along with a beverage. Jessy also throws in her Aji verde and homemade buffalo sauce. And there are several vegan baked treats available always as well, though I am waiting for the day that she veganizes her Alfajores. For now the chocolate peanut butter pretzel bar will do the trick. My empanadas (not pictured) were the black bean and the roasted vegetable with pineapple.PicMonkey Collage

A couple of bites from the Whole Foods in Jericho. Now, just a note about Whole Foods on Long Island. There are three and all three are on the North Shore: Jericho, Manhasset, and Lake Grove. But I got word that construction is starting on a South Shore Whole Foods in Massapequa. This South Shore gal is very excited about this as I would rather stay south and drive east than deal with north. Sure, Whole Foods is always a bit of a pain in the arse, but in Massapequa it will be less so. It is these things that keep me coming back to Whole Foods: Sweet & Sara’s S’mores.IMG_2079

They also had vegan Danish on this recent visit. I got the blueberry.IMG_2469

More sweetness. I couldn’t help eating one of these Cocomels from J.J. Sweets immediately, as evident by the steering wheel. Then I let the other get nice and warm and melty.PicMonkey Collagej.jpg