Bizarre Eats & Treats in the Bay Area

Bizarre Eats & Treats in the Bay Area

SOMA StrEat Food Park sets up next to the I-80, South of Market. Thanks to the rain (and the holiday?) we enjoyed this space with minimal crowding. DSC_0005

The apple of my eye? Hella Vegan Eats, “festive” all-vegan cuisine. IMG_5665

I had to get the bizarre Birthday Burger, a dense beet-based patty on a confetti sprinkled pancake bun with ancho chile aioli, avocado and cucumber/radish pickles. I choose this burger because I had a strong desire to take a picture of it and write about it, to be perfectly honest. And I think I may have enjoyed photographing it more than eating it. It really didn’t taste like much!DSC_0002

So let’s look at another picture!IMG_5672

Here I was thinking that the Bay Area had a lack all-vegan sweet treat shops. Then I discovered Cinnaholic, an all-vegan cinnamon bun shop. So it was yet another journey across the Bay Bridge to Berkeley for a taste of the goodies.  Because it was Easter, I got the Cotton Candy “Peep” Bun, topped with a delicious pink cotton candy cream and a sprinkling of vegan marshmallows. And that’s Cinnaholic’s spiel: start with their cinnamon roll and then choose your frosting flavor and toppings. Sounds good to me!


The roll was delicious. Airy and not too sweet. The frosting was yummy, not artificial-tastingIMG_5686

The Electrician had a very normal vanilla frosted cinnamon bun, devouring it quickly. A testament to its deliciousness.

Then it was tourist time. As the rain clouds dissipated, we went to ride the cable cars, touring San Fran’s diverse neighborhoods. It was quite the scene, but we managed to nab prime seating on the Powell & Market line down to Fisherman’s Wharf.IMG_5693

PicMonkey Collage

Once we were down at the Piers, we checked out some of the other cheesy tourist stuff. Like the smelly sea lions who lounge on Pier 39…IMG_5794

…and the Musee Mecanique, a free museum of coin-operated relics on Pier 45. They had some great machines. I’ll include a picture of the bison machine, the only one I put a quarter in. PicMonkey Collage2

After a long walk, I chowed down on this mango & sticky rice from The Plant on Pier 3. IMG_5805

To cap off day 2, Tonga Room, a kitschy tiki bar in the basement of the historical Fairmount Hotel. Tonga Room is subject to thunderous rainstorms that drizzle on the center lagoon. Perfect while sipping a Pineapple Royale to the rhythm of a steel-drum band.PicMonkey Collage



Final eats: Glass Noodle Salad–green papaya, carrots, cilantro, mint, Thai basil, and peanuts in a rice wine vinaigrette.IMG_5824