While it is easier to spot animal-derived ingredients on food packaging, beers, wines & liquors’ ingredients and processing procedures are less obvious. In the spirit of New Years and my all-day hangover, I offer this list of well-known beers, wines & liquors and their vegan status. In the interest of easiness, I am omitting the kagillion microbreweries and little-known brand names and listing just what you’ll find at your typical bar or convenience store. A few notes on this list: Of course any honey flavored beers are not vegan, either are stout beers. The majority of alcohol that is not vegan is deemed so through the use of isinglass (from the bladders of fish), gelatin, egg and bonechar in the processing however some alcohol contains other animal-derived ingredients, like dairy byproducts.





I am in no way, shape or form knowledgeable about wines nor know the household names so check your usual brand here and here.

I’m sure you’ll find that this list gives you a good enough choice in cocktails and brewskies.

Love, the easy vegan

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