I learned of Bay Shore’s Tula Kitchen after the New York Times got sloppy seconds to my thorough blog reporting of Three Brothers of Rockville Centre. After eye-balling the menu, with echoes of  “sesame-crusted tofu” and “speared seitan over coconut basmati”, I decided that Tula Kitchen was a must-hit. Overcoming a blizzard’s aftermath, the Greek’s hybrid chariot delivered us eager and ready for post-thriftshop meal.

Tula Kitchen, though an omnivore establishment, is an amazing addition to the Long Island veg scene! Tula’s vegan entrees were definitely worth the special trip and were a fairly good value, considering the great service and beautiful decor… and the V-bomb on the menu.

Free of charge bean salad and warm, scrumptious pita wedges to appease our discerning foodie sensibilities. They were an accurate indicator of the yumminess to come.IMG_7066

I got the tofu crab cakes with sides of smashed sweet potato and roasted carrots. These cakes were delicate and subtle, a perfect match for their vegan tartar and a generous squirt of lemon.IMG_7071IMG_7077

I sampled Ms. Greek’s seared seitan and asparagus over peanut sauce and coconut-infused basmati. Very delicious, though I’d prefer some more colors in the dish. The Greek kept it simple with the lentil burger topped with vegan cheese and some killer sweet potato “fries”. Yes, nothing at Tula Kitchen is fried.IMG_7073IMG_7074

We opted not to get their vegan dessert option, a chocolate creme-filled cupcake, most likely from fellow-Long Islanders Moo-Cluck, having filled up on the generous appetizer and huge entree portions. Next time.

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