It has been awhile since I have made something that wasn’t edible. My craft desk, sewing machine, miles of cross-stitch floss and pile of fabric has beared with my studies. Unfortunately, a normal week of work and school does not allow for discretionary crafting. But with spring break catch-up under my belt, I was inspired to weave the craft needle once again to honor a special, timid cat with one gorgeous eyeball. And what a perfect time to utilize my Revolutionary War curtains then in her tabby markings… and the load of fabric CandyPenny had donated to my craft endeavors! It felt good to pick up the needle again. Though it has been six months since my last craft, I plan on stitching up Addy’s daughter to keep her company as soon as I can, lest face the wrath of her paw’s swat.

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  1. KZ says:

    OMG! She’s so cute!!!! LOLOLOLOL, OMG, ROTFL

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