On sunny Sunday, August 1, 2010, I found inspiration in the pages of The Electrician‘s omnivorous cook books as he manually labored in his yard. A proper vegan bunch! Complete with the works: traditional brunch staples, both sweet and savory, served on vintage China and vividly colored fabric with tasty adult beverages… a brunch that catered to the food blogger, the food lover in the peaceful setting of my boyfriend’s home by the ocean.

I had some weeks to exhaustively plan and timeline the execution of the ambitious brunch spread: cinnamon and pecan buns, apricot and cheese danishes, citrus scones and upscale breakfast sandwiches of cherry sage sausage and mini omelet patties on top of herbed artichoke biscuits, and a side of tempeh bacon. The day finally came, after several nights of anxious panics about fixins and sauce accompaniments. With the kitchen, time and the Volvo at my disposal, I began.

The cinnamon and pecan buns were the first undertaking. Below is the process, outlined wonderfully by VeganYumYum here. Top-Bottom, Left-Right: 1) The dough has risen to its maximum, the pecans and coated in cinnamon and sugar and a bit of the huge quantity of Earth Balance utilized in the recipe was ready to go. 2) I’m a stickler for precision in baking. 3) Wet with Earth Balance. 4) Coated in cinnamon, sugar and pecan. 5) All rolled up. 6) Cut with dental floss and placed in a pool of sugar and Earth Balance. 7) The cross-section is looking good! 8) All packed in! If I ever make these again, I’ll give them more room. It was very difficult getting them out of the pan after they baked into each other.The cinnamon and pecan buns are all ready! When serving I put out a squeeze bottle of icing so brunch-goers could choose their sweetness level. 
I am so impressed with this dough, btw. Who the heck needs dairy?! It was perfect. I am thinking of using it for making sweet soft-baked pretzels with my nieces. Kids love dough and, okay, I love dough too.
Next was the vegan danishes. These were a big challenge. I’ve mentioned before I don’t like when veganized versions don’t embrace the defining characteristics of said food item. So I wanted to take care these danishes would not be slabs of dough but embody the layered butteriness of their non-vegan counterparts. That required folding and rolling a very delicate dough a jillion times. I used the recipe here at the Village Vegan, which noted the repetitive fold-roll out process, but I’d likely try this dough recipe here and follow the Village Vegan process.
Trusting the preferences of my esteemed foodie guests, the cream cheese danishes rocked the house. Vegan cheese danishes? Who would of thought it possible?
Though pretty, I’d also opt out of capping danishes with a huge piece of fruit. They made eating it awkward and moistened up the danish too much. Good preserves do the trick. 
Here is the spread. Center are the citrus-glazed scones (from VwaV), next to the danishes and buns. To the left the my vintage plate collection and doilies for pretty blog pictures and coffee. All sit atop a sturdy serving table The Electrician made in like 5 seconds. 
The drink station: Maine Root’s root and ginger beers and a sparkling blood orange rum punch.
The savory spread: vegan egg patties with cherry sage sausage (both from Vegan Brunch) on herbed artichoke drop biscuits I created from the base recipe of my Red Lobster cheese and garlic biscuits. Next time, I would go for a rolled out dough, cut with a biscuit cutter, as these didn’t hold up as a sandwich base. 
Everyone loves tempeh bacon, especially when it’s marinated overnight! On the right, Genna’s tasty potatoes. 
The spreads: strawberry jam, pineapple butter and roasted garlic and lemon cream cheese
Manga! What a great day of eating. 
The morning after to-go container for curious electricians.

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  1. This is what we call a success!

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