Strolling leisurely back to my apartment from the G train with none other than Ms. CandyPenny, we decided to turn around to check to see if Champ’s Family Bakery was any closer to opening its doors, offering Williamsburg its first all-vegan bakery. The last few times I had done a walk-by it was shackled up with no indication if they’d be honoring their loose opening date projection. As we walked towards its corner, past the old summer sidewalk Italian ladies, I noticed the fresh paint gleaming through the big windows… “It’s open!” I exclaimed with glee! CP and I were ecstatic to have stumbled upon Champ’s, which only opened its doors the day before.
The shiny new display cases were half empty but I reeled at the potential of their space in days to come, when they celebrate their grand opening this weekend. The treats they had were the standards: chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, pignoli cookies, berry and chocolate chip scones, hearty muffins, carrot cake cupcakes and a full-size carrot cake… plus rocky road. {I sound like Chunk listing off the flavors of ice cream.} I bought a jumbo rocky road cookie, elated to show my support for the new all-vegan spot. The counter gals were just as excited as I was as the small handful of eager customers drank it all in… It is safe to say that we were all food bloggers tracking vegan leads. CP noticed the Discerning Brute in attendance, confirmed by his thorough report posted yesterday.

The cookie was tasty, very similar to Isa’s rocky road base cookie in Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. Similarly, Champ’s cookie left an almond extract trail that lingered deliciously the whole walk home. It is unfortunate that vegan marshmallows don’t bake very well and transform into tacky and shiny wauds. They’re one of my favorite confections. I look forward to trying more treats from Champ’s as they broaden their offerings and veganize traditional bakery fare (danishes!) As an accomplished vegan baker in my own right/an outspoken guardian of the sanctity of vegan food for 10+ years, I say to Champ’s: Bring It On. Like you have in the world of sandwiches. I look forward to returning again and again and again…

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