It’s funny how much we can pack into a year. And how, stuffed and sluggish with our heavy days, routine trivialities can pull us away from that which we most value. The fundamentals… Beyond our myopia. A sharp left from the winker. Through the man-made distractions. And other such comparative prepositional phrases.

Gratitude is an intrinsically human attribute. It’s not disposable plastic themed favors, fake deciduous leaves made in factories, inked umbers and siennas on flat nonabsorbent napkins, cartoon turkeys. It’s in our action.

Last year I pitched in at the Hempstead Thanksgiving Food Share Bonanza hosted by Long Island Food Not Bombs. (I blogged about it here.) It was an honor to be within their great work, to be part of the good they share. When FNB‘s Jon contacted me about this year’s event, their largest ever, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend the afternoon knee-deep in vegan food… and the good folk who bring so much to communities in need all year round. See you Sunday!

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