Nothing screams Mac ‘n Cheese more than a beautiful Spring day! Well, I guess not really, but I need lunch to eat during the week! As some may have noticed, I really haven’t used the kitchen much these days. I chose this easy recipe from Epicurean Vegan for a killer cheese sauce and tried a new pasta (Orecchiette) with the perfect lil’ recess for cashew cheese pooling. Suffice to say, it was time well spent.

The sauce was a good use of my huge stock of nutritional yeast. I added quite a bit more than the recipe called for, licking spoonful after spoonful to get it just right.

I want to put another picture of the yum. [Look above.] So there is that whim gratified.

Now for the click of the story. Remember banana whip? I went to the Jersey Shore to eat it last July? Well, I bought the gimmicky small appliance that is the cheap version of the real deal with high hopes for a summer of tasty banana whip. In preparation, I froze the bananas. So here they are getting ready to be aerated, looking like they are surrounded by pixie dust.

There is the gimmicky small appliance: The Yonanas!

And here is my first batch, shared with Ms. CP. It took us some troubleshootin’ minutes to figure out the initial problems with the texture, which were long minutes given the horrible shriek this machine makes. But we had a great big bowl of banana-y goodness after that!

It was tasty, but this is what I learned for next time: let bananas fully ripen to a speckled frenzy before freezing. My bananas were a bright yellow and therefore the treat was very starch and in need of toppings. And number two, make sure your chocolate sauce hasn’t been in the refridgerator since 2007. Doh!

I am sure to be posting new Yonanas concoctions soon!



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