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I’m always on the hunt for new vegan items and brands! If they happen to be new vegan chocolate chip cookies, well even better. The story of Divvies is much like many of the allergen-free baking companies… someone wanting to make sure the allergen-stricken has satisfying and yummy treats. Being a vegan, I appreciate the allergen-free baking movement and its clear labeling. I do wish, however, they would drop a v-bomb on the label. Even though I eat egg-free and dairy-free for ethical reasons and not because I am allergic, no sense in creating another movement… we want the same thing: good food, free of eggs & dairy. Ok enough of that, Divvies are pretty, pretty good (said like Larry David).

I know I have gone on about the chocolate chip cookie is my absolute favorite, but I’ll do it again. There is nothing better… 

Dare I say that Divvies have too many chocolate chips? As a huge fan of Unbleached Wheat Flour, Organic Expeller Pressed Palm Fruit Oil, Brown Sugar, Water, Sugar, Molasses and Pure Vanilla Extract, I dared.