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Nestled across the looming Smith-9th Street station, Kimchi Grill is an easy stagger from any democratically-elected happy hour haven proximal to my job in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. And they have clearly labelled vegan options of their Korean-Mexican fusion. I sampled all three of their veganized tacos–Pomegranate and Roasted Veggies Taco: seasonal roasted vegetables (Korean squash, corn, spinach and spicy pickled pomegranete); Tofu Edamame Falafel Taco: Tofu, a dryish edamame and chickpea patty with kimchi-infused refried beans, cucumber kimchi, pickled daikon and pico de gallo; and the Kimchi Guac: red vegan kimchi infused guacamole with pico de gallo, cucumber kimchi and multi-grain rice topped with green onion. I managed to snap this pic with my unsteady hand before devouring all.

We also got kimchi fries, though not as enjoyable. The kimchi weighed down the fries, softening them to a mushy texture. IMG_6148

If you can stomach the blasting profane beats in the dark, dirty, cramped, tagged up teenage bedroom vibe, the vegan option at Taiwanese-Chinese fusion of BaoHaus, on 14th Street in Manhattan, hits all necessary taste notes. The Uncle Jesse Bao has house-seasoned crispy fried tofu, crushed peanuts, Taiwanese red sugar, cilantro, and Haus Sauce. Sweet, salty, and crunchy inside a soft, delicate, stark-white bun. Sublime. Every bite. Try their homemade soy milk, too…. if they have any left.IMG_6231


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Coming up for air from the chaos of a new school year, I baked some “12 Men on the Field” cupcakes: rich chocolate cake (I used Chloe‘s celebration cake), vanilla buttercream filling, chocolate ganache-topped with a vegan royal icing football laces. 3 types of icings for every cupcake. IMG_1694


I’m not the greatest with the royal icing but… in the green Le Creuset, it kind of looks like footballs.  IMG_1702

These were super-rich cupcakes, perfect treat after a long day of work.IMG_1712

I loved this picture because it captured the texture of all three icings. IMG_1716

And more on the sport tip, as the Mets bomb another season, it’s easy to get cheap tickets. We checked out the Ceaser’s Club, which has an indoor, air-conditioned lounge with a full car and cushioned seats, as well as “better” food options for omnis but meh for vegans, like a choose-your-own-adventure salad bar.  IMG_1581

I chose traditional grub: vegan hot dog with tons of the fixins, Nathan’s fries, and a domestic beer. This is a baseball game after all.IMG_1586

DSC_0010Rainbow chard.

IMG_8555Salads aid fridge turnover: arugula; roasted white turnip, golden beet & carrot; and watermelon salad

IMG_8551Chipotle’s “sofritas” in a way-too-overstuffed burrito with lime and cilantro brown rice and guacamole.

IMG_8553Heh, they said “vegan.”

IMG_8530Pre-party eats at Pickle Shack in Brooklyn: fried oyster mushrooms with cocktail sauce.

IMG_8532Cecelia’s “ricotta” sandwich: garlic sauteed chicories, roasted butternut squash, sage leaves, and pine nut cream.

IMG_8533French fries and ketchup.

IMG_8495Took a trip to Coney Island with some of my students.

IMG_8519French fries and ketchup at Nathan’s.

IMG_4679Kristall Palm Beach is one part water park, one part bath house. With temperatures passing the 100 degree mark, we spent the day in various forms of water.

IMG_4678This is the crystal pool, a light and clear pool. They also had a zinc pool and an amethyst pool, which was my favorite.

IMG_4657After many dips in the various pools, I enjoyed a Bananenweiser. A beer with banana! It was a delicious first.

IMG_4662And as contradictory as it seems, French Fries. Slim vegan options at Palm Beach.

IMG_4688Here I am in an amazing mineral bath bubbling around me.

IMG_4687Germany is a very green country. They use a lot of wind power. Here are some windmills standing guard on the autobahn.

DSC_0087Cigarette machines. Packs of cigarettes are 5 EU here, or currently $6.64.

IMG_4648There are special parking spots for ladies only in some German parking garages.