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DSC_0053I was delighted to get a full-sized Teese heat n’ serve cheese in my April box from Vegan Cuts! I remember the first time I tasted Teese, Chicago Vegan Foods‘ vegan cheese, at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival in 2008 (see here). It was vegan cheese satisfaction pre-Daiya. I am glad to see that Teese is still making new cheese products for the vegan faithful. I am waiting for them (please, please!) to make vegan Combos.

DSC_0057Of course, I had to squeeze its contents in a hot pot of elbow noodles asap. It oozed out like Easy-cheese. You remember Easy-cheese, right?

DSC_0060What a delicious nostalgic delight, a bowl of Mac n’ cheese! It is now a squeeze away. Support Chicago Vegan Foods because they make the best vegan non-dairy and they’ll never sell out to Kraft, which is a viable threat given market trends.

IMG_3170Hadn’t been to Rockville Centre’s Three Brothers in awhile. It was time for a visit.

IMG_3172Their mozzarella sticks are the star of the show. I am happy they are a bit narrower in girth than the earlier recipe. I think most know how I feel about too much Daiya. A well-seasoned firm breading juxtaposed with oozy cheese: yum.

IMG_3173Cross-section. These would go on my Vegan Top 100.

IMG_3174Seitan cutlet hero. The seitan–housemade. The cheese–Teese.

IMG_3177My friend’s choice was a seitan bacon cheeseburger.

IMG_3179We got free cinnamon sugar knobs.

IMG_3184In other news, the winter clothes went away and the bathing suits came out! I don’t care if we’re barely over 50 degrees. I can’t take it anymore!

IMG_3191Orange chocolate Twinkies. Why orange? I ran out of vanilla.

Shirley’s birthday dinner at Bhojan.

Leftover 3 Brothers pizza, weekday, Electrician‘s.

Chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips: “sweet treat” fix, weekend, Electrician’s

Pancake’s vegan birthday cakes, Pancake’s 9th Birthday Party, Merrick

I can’t stop eating it. Mango and sticky rice. I love it. I think I need to do a search for the best–and really, when I say the best I mean the biggest portion. I really have never had a bad batch. Even after this to-go mango & sticky rice sat in its foil container for quite some time, resulting in gummy sticky rice, it was still delicious! This batch was from Pagoda Thai by my apartment and eaten at the foot of the East River in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

When I read that Bushwick Pita Palace, a neighborhood falafel joint, had burritos and Daiya on their menu, I knew I would soon succumb to delivery. On a sweltering summer day in Brooklyn I gave them a ring, pleased as punch with their friendly disposition. I ordered their super veggie burrito which, thankfully did not have squash or broccoli in it. Just the basics: rice, bean, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, fresh tomato and some shreds of Romaine. I ordered a side of their super-hot green salsa to meet the minimum. Beyond the burrito, Bushwick Pita Palace is great. $3 falafels, fast and friendly. I recommend them highly. Unlike the pretentious, hipster-owned, bad-attituded $7 falafel of Yummus Hummus.

Ah, I miss Boneshakers. Now that they closed their space on Kingsland and combined with their bakery Champs, I miss the full sandwich menu. I miss a fresh-made S.a.g. on-demand. When I stopped by recently they had some wrapped up in the bakery showcase made in the morning. They nuked it for me and I devoured it, but it was not the same. Maybe it’s because I can bake pretty amazing cupcakes and cookies myself that I miss the sandwiches so…

After exhaustive veggie burger reporting, I named Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop on the Lower East Side as having one of the best in the city. It’s good! But I’ve had much better in other cities. New York, why can’t you have a fabulous all-around vegan veggie burger that I don’t have to worry about eating? And why can’t your servers know if it is vegan? And that brioche buns have egg and butter in it? Is that too much to ask?

Calexico has a food truck at D.U.M.B.O.’s waterfront. Like most carts, the selection is not as robust. Hitting their restaurant in Greenpoint a few months back (see here), we dined on grilled chile-lime tofu, watercress, jicama, etc. But vegan options are limited to bean tacos here. A nice bite but a little uninspired. Sure, authenticity is key in a meat-heavy cuisine, I understand. But Mexican’s highlight of fresh, flavorful vegetables and sauces is the raw material for a truly spectacular veggie burrito. I will gladly act as vegan consultant to any restaurant wanting to appease this hungry mass of eaters! Seriously!


Last time I had a sandwich from Brooklyn Standard in Greenpoint I wound up devouring their French Dip sandwich only to realize too late I had eaten a substantial amount of real dairy Swiss cheese, breaking an almost decade and a half of diligent non-dairy eating. The error was quite appalling in more ways than one, prompting me to officially blacklist the deli for good.  But stopping in in person for the first time, mostly for convenience’s sake, The Greek and I had enough yum to lift the ban, yes, but not enough to have me running back.

I had the Tofu Reuben, one of their new vegan sandwiches. Now, I usually order a vegan Reuben whenever a shop offers it. It’s one of my favorite sandwiches, mostly because I am a big fan of the sauerkraut. But Brooklyn Standard’s Tofu Reuben was not so um, Reuben-y. It was very good, yes yes, but lacked the taste complements associated with the classic sandwich: the brine-y ‘kraut, the tangy Russian-style dressing, hot and melty vegan cheese (in this case Teese).

Here’s the Portobello sandwich, marinated grilled Portobello mushroom with pea sprouts, tomato gastrique, tomato and asparagus spread served on a toasted whole wheat multigrain baguette. I didn’t get to try it. I ate my sandwich like a competitive food eater and did not want another bite… well, at least for another 3 minutes or so. But by then The Greek had put chevre on it. I was safe!
Because excess is the road to someplace or another, we opted to pick up a slice of Vegan Treats‘ orange creamsicle cake! I have fond memories of orange cake. My grandma used to make a glazed orange bundt I was mad for. (Years later she told me it was Duncan Hines.) Anyway, this cake was lighter and more subtle–delicious! Ok, Brooklyn Standard, we cool.

Since Daiya‘s first buzz in March ’09 to my first taste of it in August (read here), the vegan wonder has turned the vegan cheese world upside down. Now it is the winner of VegNews’s Product of the Year, although Vegan Gourmet (Follow Your Heart) won the reader’s choice. I have watched area eateries thrive through Daiya’s inclusion on the menu. It is quite an amazing product, yes. To be honest, the vegan cheese options available before its break-out left something to be desired although it is unfortunate that Chicago Soydairy, who I love as a company and an innovator of vegan products, and their very good cheese Teese, has been overshadowed by timing. Daiya is the hot topic.

So why am I saying I’ll never eat it again? Well, just because I have been eating way too much of it lately. Despite my thinking it is an advancement and a wonderful product it is still a packaged, processed product–not a whole food. Soooo, with massive consumption (see below), one tends to feel a bit, um, yucky afterwards. After this weekend’s Daiya bender, I am ready for a break, ready for a detox. This is not to say that each bite I ingested wasn’t damn delicious, I just need to take it easy.

How does one get to this point? Take the proximity of the Electrician’s home to 3 Brothers and a frigid Saturday night and you get a Sicilian pie piled with Daiya. There was something so comforting about driving home from a pizza place, a warm cardboard box warming the length of your quadriceps, the wafting smell of marinara and warm crust filling the car. It had been a long time since I had experienced such anticipatory excitement. I must add that inside 3 Brothers was bustling! The entire dining room was full, with parties waiting by the counter for pick up and seating. I looked around and saw a ton of stretched ear lobes, code on Long Island for vegan hardcore, and older men discussing the NY Times article that helped spread the word about the vegan goings-on in Rockville Centre’s 3 Brothers.

Back at the house, I stared long and hard at the Sicilian pie we had ordered. I hadn’t had a Sicilian slice since I was a little girl, when it was my preference. There must have been a ton of Daiya on the thick crusts. We dug in and ate way too fast.Wow, I was so stuffed yet I could not stop myself from seconds.

My Daiya-fest 2010 did not stop there, however. Before meeting up with my fellow foodies for the Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti (see post below), we hit Pala on the Lower Eat Side. Yes, Pala, with its new all-vegan menu and many Daiya-infused dishes. Though I ordered the sensibly portioned gnocchi, which only had a sprinkling of the white wonder, I had followed that up with a couple of slices of Tall Guy’s mushroom and veggie sausage pizza! Upping my Daiya intake significantly. I was entranced and couldn’t help myself. Maybe I was making up for the 12 years of veganism I survived without simple comforts like pizza on demand.

The gnocchi was a sensible choice indeed. Topped with a variety of fresh herbs, the marinara-drenched tender dumplings were absolutely delicious.

And while I am recapping this great meal, let’s look at our appetizer, veggie sausage skewers (Field Roast, me thinks). A good start to the Daiya-fest that would follow and the cupcake fest that would follow that. Detox here I come.

Food bloggers are funny.

Dr. Cow Macadamia Nut Cheese
Sunergia Soy Feta
Galaxy Rice singles cheddar & pepperjack quesadillas
PPK‘s Nacho Cheese Sauce
Teese Mozzarella (Chicago Soydairy)
Alexian Vegan Pate
➆ Cara Cucina Artichoke & Garlic cream

A wine & vegan cheese night has been on my list of things to do for quite some time. This past weekend I pulled it together with a table full of cheesy offerings to my guests. By far the Dr. Cow nut cheese was the hot topic, although my favorite was my homemade nacho dip from PPK. Fellow veganesses, CandyPenny & FoodSparrow, arrived with a cashew cheese ball (below) and a batch of peanut cookies to add tp the table while vegan powercouple S & L whipped up a cheezy fondue with some beer kick. Delish!

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