Blue Backdrop, and one more meal

Blue Backdrop, and one more meal

The time-worn signage of cities less invaded by Big Box is like a living antique. Its hearkening charm is one of the many things I enjoy about getting out of the metropolitan area.

The color combinations, fonts, materials hold character.

They hold on to something that’s gone. IMG_0587

A glorious congregation of circling hawks, more than 20 of them, had a meeting in the sky right above Bath, New York. We got to watch in awe.   IMG_0620

Outside the Curtiss Aviation Museum. Curtiss was pretty cool–building bikes as a young man, then motorcycles, to breaking speed records before building flying machines and aircrafts. He had the first pre-announced public flight in the United States in 1908 on a flying machine called “June Bug.” I have replaced my minimal but still irritating recognition of the existence of Ed Helms with Glen Curtiss and his accomplishments. DSC_0007

The final meal of our quick trip was at Felicia’s Atomic Lounge & Cupcakery in Ithaca, New York. Though I really enjoyed their only vegan option, a Brunch Bowl with breakfast potatoes, black beans, butternut squash, housemade guacamole, cashew cream, gluten-free cornbread, and a chickpea flour-breaded tofu, the service was pretty awkward and unwelcoming.  DSC_0009

Salted caramel and chocolate orange cupcakes were our appetizer. I can only speak for the chocolate orange. It was good though a bit imbalanced, tasting mostly orange extract-y and not chocolate enough.IMG_0636