Breaking in my Scandinavian Krumkake Iron

Breaking in my Scandinavian Krumkake Iron

I picked up this ol’ cast iron Krumkake iron from an antique shop in Wisconsin somewhere, knowing it’d make an interesting addition to my kitchen items that have to be stored in the basement.

I’d need a thin batter. A crepe batter. I used this one. It’s a really tasty batter. I think I ate more of it than I poured on the iron.DSC_0038

I warmed up both sides of this awesome contraption and gave it a quick brush of Earth Balance.DSC_0035

My maiden cookie was a success! DSC_0041

But I needed some practice wrapping them around the dowel quickly. DSC_0043

I got better with practice.DSC_0045

In the end, beautiful Krumkakes filled with fresh blueberries. DSC_0048