Brooklyn Vegan Outtakes {Part 1}

Brooklyn Vegan Outtakes {Part 1}

Healthy Nibbles, on Flatbush & Prospect Place, is a cute conter sandwich and juice spot that’s kind of awkwardly connected to a frame shop.

I ordered their I Have Peace, or their vegan curry chicken sandwich made of tofu, vegan mayo, raisins & curry with shredded carrots & mixed greens on toasted breaded. It was a tasty sammy and I appreciated its yummy simplicity.

This curried tofu rocked my world and made my fingers yellow.

They also have housemade vegan baked goodies. Since I was with cold, I forgoed the excess sugary treat. Next time.

Also on Flatbush, Vegetarian Palate is one of them fake meat meccas.

Deep-fried wontons with coconut filling.

Tarot steak. All hail the starch!

Brooklyn Crepe & Juice, on 5th avenue in Park Slope, has vegan crepes. And they’re real, real good.IMG_1987You can create your own from their vegetable spread… and they also have the vegan cheese stuff.