Brooklyn Whiskers Brick & Mortar

Brooklyn Whiskers Brick & Mortar

Vegan ShopUp vendor Brooklyn Whiskers has its own space now! The Electrician and I hit them real early to avoid unnecessary social interaction. The fact that they’re actually open early suits us early birders quite nicely. Bakeries should open single-digits early. Them’s the rules.IMG_8860

I got a cinnamon roll with candied pecan. It was yummy but with a stiff dough was missing that soft, drippy, sticky, cinnamon-y ooze you want from a roll. PicMonkey Collagec

There was plenty to choose from even at door-busting hour.IMG_8859

But I had to get a croissant stuffed with tofu scramble and potatoes. Vegan croissants are tough. Likely because butter is responsible for most of a croissant’s characteristics. So it’s one of those things that I’ll have to order if available. Though this was more like a layered thin biscuit, it made for a delicious breakfast sandwich.IMG_8866

Looking at layers. IMG_8855

Cats, cats everywhere. How perfect–cat freak all-vegan bakery. Love these Linzer tarts. IMG_8857

I also picked up a red velvet cupcake which more had the texture of a dense almond cookie. Pleasant though not what I was expecting. I really appreciate those real vanilla beans.PicMonkey Collageb

The bathroom is covered in cat pictures, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. IMG_8848