Brunch Lunch (A Turnover Fairy Tale)

Brunch Lunch (A Turnover Fairy Tale)

Every now and again you need to use what you already have–make some movement in the refrigerator. My crisper drawer runneth over. It is not permanent storage. So for my week’s lunch, I’d use it all. DSC_0001It would be brunch for lunch. What better an idea to use leftover veggies and fruits. I started with a hash: diced potato (finished the bag!), diced turnip which I had been avoiding having never “worked with” before, diced leftover roasted carrot from my lunch last week, and the rest of the celery that I had with my Superbowl tempeh “wings.”

DSC_0007The hash was so good, as anything potato-related is. On the right, some marinated tempeh cubes. One day I will measure ingredients when I make my marinade; this one was so good. I hope it wasn’t because of the oozy squeeze of light corn syrup, which I needed for my Valentine sugar cookies, that I added, knowing that this item would be taking up pantry space for a while. I’d rather believe it was the final remnants of organic brown rice syrup I added. More turnover points for that jar!

DSC_0009I love tempeh. It wasn’t always that way. Now I prefer it to tofu. Further back, roasted turnip wedges. After some time in high temps, bathed in salt and olive oil, the turnip was roasted to a creamy state. They were dreamy.

DSC_0011Next up, the fruit. I had leftover pineapple The Electrician picked up for me when I was sick. Then there was the new container of organic berries that was on sale and I couldn’t pass up. I made a compote for the sweet part of my brunch lunch: pancakes!

DSC_0005Then I made the pancakes–flax pancakes with 1) the dried apple ring compote I baked up the Valentine tart with (see interesting history here), 2) the speckled banana ripening away, and 3) almond. 3 different versions of flapjacks that I’d mix and match.

DSC_0015It is going to be an easy week! Turnover points: 10!