Backyard Butterfly Break

Backyard Butterfly Break

After several less than active seasons, the butterfly bush has been all a-buzz this summer. So I broke in the new lens for my Nikon and got into the bush to photo-stalk some of the feasting creatures. Like this Monarch butterfly, a big flirt who seemed to content to playfully flutter in front of my face repeatedly. I love that polka dot face.DSC_0080 2DSC_0097

Someone must have said something naughty to the hydrangeas as they are blushing. But really the color change has something to do with the minerals in the soil. DSC_0012

I had to consult the book on this one: An Eastern Tiger Swallowtail… and my shadow. IMG_1915

Also part of the fun, bumble bees. They are all about the nectar. So much that they don’t mind my camera in their faces. Delicate stained-glass wings. DSC_0099

It is the moths who are most plentiful. All different kinds of Underwing moths. This one’s wings looked clumsily torn and his markings were not symmetrical. He looks like a dirt bag butterfly, like Snoopy’s brother Spike.DSC_0112

This moth was my favorite. DSC_0122

Close-up on the drinking.DSC_0090