Caribbean Chicken Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Caribbean Chicken Zombie Brain Cupcakes

My very dear and talented Artsparrow hosted a book release party for her first published book, The Zombie Autopsies. But first! 200 undead mini-cupcakes were needed, grey in color and with bright pink brains.

The gals and I spent the evening before working through the particulars–multiplying fractions, whipping up VCTOTW‘s no-fail basic vanilla and taking the occasion to feast on some grub from Vegetarian Palate. Though I spent most of the evening with stained red hands, I managed to photo-document some the action.
My favorite ladies Artsparrow and CandyPenny spoon in some batter.

Eat brains!

The spread from Vegetarian Palate, including Caribbean chicken, a variety of spring rolls, scallion pancakes, tofu and veggies, spinach dumplings and brown rice. This place is very close to Prospect Heights’ Zen Vegetarian House (see here) mock meat delights.

My compartmentalized plate. This heavy meal did me in! I had little to offer after chowing down.

The man of the house (sorry TimX) ran a tight ship, watching us intently from the computer chair.