Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market

According to Wiki, Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend market is the largest market in the world. That certainly seemed to be the case. I only perused a small portion of its 15,000 stalls and was completely overwhelmed. It is estimated that between 2-300,000 people visit the market each day. If you wanted to buy a mogwai, this is where you’d find him. In fact, Chatuchak Market sells many illegal animals, including some that are endangered.

Section 5 of the market contained an enormous selection of vendors selling old Levi’s and Wranglers, cowboy button-downs, hats, boots and belt buckles, vintage t-shirts and old school sneakers. These were the stalls that received much of my attention. Prices are negotiable but not as dirt cheap as I expected.

The vendors are kindly aggressive. The seller pictured here on the left scoured his space for jeans that would fit me as I tried them on under an ugly long skirt. This made us lifelong friends in his eyes and he wanted many pictures taken to remember the experience. Many vendors were straight-up American style hipsters with the attitude to match. Sex Pistols and Guns ‘N Roses blared from many stalls.

Part of the market, including many food stalls, were outdoors. Along with pan-handlers entertaining the many tourists with various types of entertainment. There was a Captain Jack Sparrow look-a-like, musicians of all walks of life, disfigured children and other kids who just stood in front of you staring and waiting for money.

I spend about $48US on my purchases.

After a long afternoon at the market, I ventured from Wangnoi to the public pool facilities. When I arrived the pool was filled with children, all screaming and laughing at my presence. I am starting to get a complex! Anyway, many lined up to intently watch me undress to my bathing suit, to catch a glimpse of my curious color skin. I quickly stepped into the pool to cover my body and swam to the far end of the pool. Eventually all but a couple of children left, as it was dinner time, and I got the pool all to myself. Sweet chlorine relief!

Meet the adorable tiny pig-nosed cat that hangs out on my porch. So loving and ready for a massive purr session, he’d make a wonderful buddy for Frankenstein. I wish I could take him home.